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A genuine skåne barn
in the heart of österlen

The hotel is modelled on a historic Skåne farmhouse. It was built in 2018, in the same way as it was built in the past in Österlen, with hand-walled walls and period-specific building details. 

“We wanted to create a place that carries on the legacy of the Österlen we grew up in. A place where everyone feels welcome, where the food tastes good, the doors are Brantevik blue, the gravel crunches underfoot and the lavender smells like summer. Welcome to Österlen”

Sandra and Jonas Mårtensson, the owners of Kåseberga Gårdshotell & Spa



This is our simplest food package that can be booked on weekdays and Sundays. It includes a two-course meal, including dessert. We have made an Österlen interpretation of classic dishes that have nourished generations of fishermen. Schnitzel, meatballs and fish, in all their rustic simplicity, taste fantastic if prepared with love and good ingredients. We use real butter, real potatoes and real dairy products.


This is our weekend package, which includes a three-course menu, including dessert. Here we have been inspired by Österlen’s many farms and the ingredients that have been grown there throughout the ages. We serve a menu with e.g. veal, duck, rooster and fish as well as locally grown vegetables that are in season, such as turnips, beetroot and asparagus.


This is a package that can be booked on Saturdays that we developed for our foodies. It includes a five-course menu, including dessert. We present a tasting menu from Österlen. We have taken inspiration from nature, from the sun, heat, cold and wind. We mix cold and hot in a new way. This is a menu for the curious and food-loving souls. If you are thinking of getting married, do not hesitate to contact us by email for more information.

food & Drinks

Österlen gives you a taste for more

Whether you’re a carnivore or vegan, we want you to remember your meals with us.

We cook with love. We get our ingredients from Österlen farms. The wine is carefully selected. The beer comes from microbreweries in the neighbourhood and the apple juice from the apple orchards in Kivik. We make our own ice cream down at our ice cream factory, we bake our own bread with Österlenian recipes. 


Disconnect & unplug

A stone’s throw from the rocks of Ales. The smell of the sea. The sound of birds chirping. The crackle of the sauna. The warmth of barrel baths. Soothing massages. You are in good company. Relax and unwind


Swap the office for the sea

Conference. Team day. Planning day. Management team meeting. A change of scenery, a few days in a seaside village, can provide renewed energy. 

Get to know your team with teambuilding activities and conversations over good food. Let us take care of your next conference. 

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Österlen - För alla sinnen, i alla årstider